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Pornfidelity #16 Blu-Ray

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PORNFIDELITY #16 BLU-RAY - Over 2 Hours of 3-Some Action Starring Kelly and Ryan Madison - Featuring Jayden James, Sarah Jessie, Riley Evans and Sarah Vandella.

Pornfidelity #16 Blu-Ray

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Click here to watch this trailer - Nominated for AVN's best gonzo and best amateur series. - Kelly Madison Productions is extremely excited about providing you, the viewer, with the best quality adult movie on the market. Not only is the picture by far the cleanest and crisp it has ever been but also they put together some of the hottest girls in the industry to provide you with even more viewing pleasure. Sit back, relax and enjoy some high quality, pussy pounding action. This is Pornfidelity #16 in Blu-Ray, pure hi-definition video!

In the first scene, Kelly and Ryan head next door for the traditional "can we borrow a cup of sugar" act. As they walked up to the house, they noticed that their neighbor wasn't your typical howdy doody homeowner... This neighbor was smoking hot! Jayden Jaymes had resided at 413 Peach Tree St. for about a month now and the Madison's were kicking themselves for not coming over sooner. As Jayden gave the couple a cup of sugar, they insisted on returning the favor... with a sugar-covered cock of course! Jayden was much obliged and did what any grateful girl would do, suck it, fuck it and rub it down. It turns out Miss Jaymes was anything but your average girl next door.

In scene two, Kelly finds herself not being able to hold her bladder any longer; the only bathroom around was a hole in the wall gas station restroom. Just as she closed the door, Riley ran up and knocked on the door, luckily, Kelly let her in so the two could share the restroom. The bathroom was a bit dirty and a little creepy, as they were finishing up, they noticed a dark hole in the wall, as they took a closer look, out popped a hard cock! Shocked and a little taken aback, they both knew there was only one thing to do... put it to good use! Kelly and Riley sucked and fucked the unknown cock. What started as a normal potty break turned into a party break. Now you know why girls never go to the restroom alone!

Scene three starts in a familiar place, the gas station restroom! Once Kelly knew about the "pop-a-cock" hole, she went back the very next day. Apparently, the gas station is the place to pick up hot chicks and Sarah Vandella was proof of that. She followed Kelly into the restroom with one goal in mind, pure pleasure. Sarah wasted no time getting fresh with Kelly, although Mrs. Madison was caught off guard, she would never leave a horny girl unsatisfied. The two were really getting into one another when Kelly pointed out the mysterious black hole on the wall. As Sarah moved in closer to catch a peek, a hard cock popped out and barely missed her eye! The two girls took advantage of the cock wall and fucked it silly. As the pleasure session came to an end, Sarah gathered her things and was on her way. Kelly waited until the coast was clear and headed out of the restroom, with the mysterious hard cock walking right beside her, also known as her husband Ryan!

Last but not least, we meet Sarah Jessie. She was doing a few loads of laundry when Kelly walked in a realized she forgot her soap. As Sarah lent her some detergent, Mrs. Madison recognized the shirt Sarah had on, it was one of her website, Kelly Find! It turns out; Miss Jessie was a huge fan of Kelly and Ryan and would love to be apart of their production someday. Luckily for Sarah, someday was today. Kelly took Sarah to the house and took full advantage of the situation. The Madison's love bringing new girls into the business, it's great for their company and they wreak some personal benefits as well. Any way you look at it, this is a win, win situation! Purchase this DVD and enjoy all of these great scenes plus tons of extras as well!