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Pornfidelity's Dirty 30's #02 DVD

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PORNFIDELITY'S DIRTY 30'S #2 DVD - Over 3 Hours of Dirty 3-Some Action Starring Kelly and Ryan Madison - Featuring Devon Michaels, Whitney Wonders, Daphne Rosen, Lexi LaMour and Lisa Lee.

Pornfidelity's Dirty 30's #02 DVD

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Click here to watch this trailer - This is the second dvd released by Kelly to display some of the sexiest ladies over thirty.
They say that when a women hits her 30th birthday, years of pent up sexual energy is suddenly released, therefor leaving females sexually hungry for the first cock that comes into view. Poor Ryan never had a chance. In this DVD you will witness five ladies over thirty taking all of their sexual frustration out on Ryan's cock and Kelly's huge tits. Not a bad way to make the climb up the hill of life I'd say. In scene one, we witness first hand how working on the weekend really does pay off.

Daphne showed up outside the office of 413 in nothing but daisy duke shorts and a soaking wet t-shirt. She was completing her day of cleaning all of the windows in the complex and was just about to go home. Once Kelly set eyes upon Daphnes very well endowed chest she wouldn't be leaving at all, in fact, Daphne would be cleaning something else that evening... Ryan's cock.

In scene two, Kelly wanted to give Ryan something extra for his birthday. She happened to be browsing around on the internet when she came across the perfect gift. I'll give you two hints, The gift had two large, round objects and fit perfectly right on top of Ryan's cock... you guessed it! Whitney Wonders came on time and ready to please.

Scene three involves a visit from a certain super toned female that you just might know. Devon Michael's was in town and on a mission to fill up on seconds of Ryan's big cock. She had previously traveled his land and and couldn't seem to stay away. Watch as she takes his cock deep down her throat and then proceeds to stuff it in her tight little pussy. I bet it will even have you coming back for seconds.

We meet Lisa Lee next and I must say, the pleasure was all Kelly and Ryan's. Lisa was hired from the local college to pose nude for one of Ryan's personal paintings. Her portrait wasn't too impressive but her sexy body was. Kelly didn't waste any time taking the initiative to make an art piece of her own. Lisa's multi colored body somehow found it's way right on top of Ryan's cock... Could this have been the plan from the very start? You be the judge.

The last but equally great scene involves Lexi Lamour inviting Kelly and Ryan back to her place until their friend Jessica returned home. They wasted no time in keeping each other busy. What started out as a friendly gesture turned into a three way sexual event. That Lexi Lamour sure is a great hostess... Watch all of this and more when you purchase Pornfidelity's Dirty 30's. Big tits, mature women and great sex included.